SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid Kit


Product Description

The SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid KIT has been designed with weight and space in mind, without compromising any of the items on your motorist first aid checklist.

Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts, the KIT is even more compact than the SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid KIT. The colour-coded labelling system enables you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical use for each item. This makes it quicker and easier to respond to any emergency situation.

The new and improved design for the SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid KIT also features the sophisticated MOLLE system for tailored attachment, new shoulder straps and redesigned zips that are sturdier than ever before, with an extra layer of material on the outside that protects both zips and the KIT’s contents from the elements.

Inside your KIT, you will find a personal space section. It’s a meshed area with a zipper that allows you to include specific items or additional first aid contents suitable for your on-road adventure.

The improved KIT is also now bigger than ever, with an increased depth and an extra full mesh panel, as well as two new, deep pockets. Add your own insect repellent and sunscreen, or include some personal medications, blister packs or a couple of extra bandages.

In addition to the extensive selection of first aid items, the KIT contains CPR instructions to support your first aid training in the case of any on-the-road emergency.

SURVIVAL Vehicle First Aid KIT

survival vehicle first aid kit

KIT Components

Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped - 10 large, 40 small | Bandage shears, 19cm stainless steel | Cotton gauze swabs (3 per pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2 | CPR Card | Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6m in zip lock bag | Eye pads, sterile x 2 | Body Temperature scan strip | First Aid Booklet | Hydro gel, sterile, 3.5g sachet x 5 | Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm wide roll | Nitrile gloves (1 in CPR kit) x 2 | Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile 5cm x 5cm x 3 | Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile 7.5cm x 10cm | Notepad (located in back of FAIB) | Pencil | Plastic bags (3 sizes) x 3 | Pressure bandage, medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m x 2 | Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair of gloves and 1 skin cleaning wipe (in CPR kit) Safety pins, 4 large, 2 small x 6 | Saline, sterile, 30ml x 2 | Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide (1 in CPR kit) x 4 | Splinter probes (5 per pack), sterile | Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm | Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel | Wound closures (3 per pack), sterile | Wound dressing, No.14 medium sterile

The Survival Vehicle First Aid KIT

survival vehicle first aid kit

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