6 LED Solar Alarm Red Lamp Motion Sensor Warning Sound Light Waterproof for Garden Factory Warehouses

Solar acoustooptic alarm lamp has two functions, the first mode is 24-hour induction acoustooptic alarm in daytime.
The second mode is night mode (no daytime induction,dark induction acoustooptic alarm), induction distance of 5-8 meters.
Modal induction angle 110 degrees, solar light about 6 hours full of electricity, a charge can be used 24 hours a day for 30 days of ultra-long duration, 365 days continuous power, no power-consuming alarm lights.
It is suitable for farms, villas, orchards, tea gardens, farms, factory warehouses and other places.

Solar panels: 5V*0.6W polycrystalline silicon
LED: 6 flash red lights, 1000 meters visible
Product Material: ABS
Waterproof grade: IP65
Induction Angle: 110 Degree
Charging Method: Solar Energy Charging
Alarm sound: 110 decibels (1000 meters clear)
Induction distance: 5-8 m
Battery parameters: 3.7V*400mAh Lithium battery
Working hours: induction 45 seconds or so sound and light alarm more than 300 times, once charged, standby for 30 days
Product function:
1. Daytime mode (24-hour induction acoustooptic alarm)
2. Night mode (no daytime induction, dark induction acoustooptic alarm)

Package included:
1 x Solar Warning Light

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