Fit Nation Viking Trek 350x Sleeping Bag


Viking Defence

The best camping equipment and travel accessories keep you safe, warm and dry, no matter how unpredictable the weather gets. As much fun as taking hikes, going camping, or attending festivals with family and friends can be, the most important factor is making sure everyone returns home safely with their health! With Viking Trek 350x Sleeping Bags, you and your loved ones will be prepared for any surprise nature might have.

Complete Your Camping Survival Kit

One of the most important pieces to any camping equipment and supplies collection is an emergency survival sleeping bag made from breathable fabric and shielded from moisture with a waterproof carry bag. It should be lightweight and easy for people of all ages to carry. No camping survival gear or hiking accessories kit is complete without Viking Trek sleeping bags!

Warm & Dry without Breaking a Sweat!

The waterproof fabric of the Viking Trek carry bag ensures your survival sleeping bag will stay dry so you can sleep (or nap) whenever you need to recharge your batteries. The inner material wicks moisture away from your body and out through the breathable outer shell to make sure you never get too sweaty while offering warmth when temperatures fluctuate between the sun setting in the evening, through the darkness of the night until the moment the sun rises again over your tent in the morning. It's time to use quality camping supplies from Viking Trek!

Great Gift Ideas

Send the gift of warmth and safety to your favourite campers no matter if they are Duke of Edinburgh Award kids or fully grown adults who love the great outdoors! You'll have peace of mind knowing they are staying warm every night they are away while you are thinking about them (they will probably think about you too as they crawl into their comfy Viking Trek Sleeping Bag ).

Stay Warm and Dry with a Viking Trek 350x Sleeping Bag Today!

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