IPRee® Kerosene Paraffin Portable Retro Oil Lantern

Vented top cover.
Carry handle, portable.
Adjustable wick.  
Windproof glass flame cover.
Glass cover lifts to allow easy lighting.
Screw fit fuel reservoir and safety chain.
Fuelled by smokeless paraffin or kerosene.
Long lasting emergency lighting solution.
Light construction, convenient for outdoor activities.
Gives you a warm relaxing light and will set the mood.
When not in use it just looks great hanging in your garden.

- Filled with 70% kerosene, it can generally last for several days.

- Do not exceed the scale line when adding fuel. The proposed filling capacity is 70%.

- Glass flame cover and wick have already been equipped, you only need to buy fuels in your local store.

- Add kerosene, diesel oil, vegetable oil and other safety fuels. Don't use petrol it is very dangerous to do so. 

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