KALOAD-T8 Mini Multi-Function Tactical Pen Tungsten Steel Alloy Head Hard Alumina With Flashlight

Type KL-T8
Item Name Multi-Function Tactical Pen
Pen Head Space Aluminum
Pen Body Alumina
Glare LED Flashlight 8 hours (up to 10m at night)
Explosive for help Yes
Color Black, Grey, Orange
Weight 350g

The material of pen head is space aluminum and glass breaker for quickly escaping when driving in an emergency.
LED lighting flashlight, a useful tool for emergency use.
Two kinds of lighting: Light and flash.
High-strength cutting knife, Explosive for help.
Magnesium rods & Flintstones.
Also, you can use it to writ something & widely.

Package Includes:
1 x Multi-Function Tactical Pen
1 x Box

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