Overmont Pocket Chainsaw Hand Chainsaw 17 Teeth Standard-type Portable Bidirectional Chain Tree Saw for Gardening Survival Outdoor Camping Wood Cutting


Product Description


Still searching for a good pocket chainsaw?

Now you find it!

Imagine you are doing a scientific exploration or a sporting adventure in a jungle. To survive, you need roast a wild rabbit or you have to heat up in the extremely cold night. It is inevitable that thick wood must be cut quickly. However, a power saw does not need to be used. It is also too heavy. We offer you a portable chainsaw, which allows you to cut trees and branches as efficiently as a power chain saw.

Or, if you are a gardener in the forestry industry. You need it to cut relatively harder and high density wood.

  • If you are alone to cut wood with this saw. You hold the straps in both your hands, push and pull the chain so that it moves forward and backward.
  • If you are two people, you two can stay in opposition to pull the saw in two directions. Preferably, with an angle of 130 ° of the sawing to the wood.

Chainsaw with Bidirectional Biting Teeth to Cut Large-surface or Low-density Trunk


So you may wonder why you should choose Overmont.

  • Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel, durable enough, make your work more effective
  • More teeth, faster than pocket saws sold by other sellers
  • Come with a portable carrying bag
  • Perfect for Fisherman, Outdoors, Emergency gear, Bug out Bag or an ATV and Snowmobile
  • Two-strap bracelets ensure your safety when sawing
Overmont Pocket Chainsaw L Overmont Pocket Chainsaw B Overmont Pocket Chainsaw M
Weight 6.5oz 6.3oz 5.3oz
Length 51.2" 51.2" 26"
Color Black Camouflage Black
Material 65Mn steel 65Mn steel 65Mn steel
Teeth 48 bidirectional teeth 17 bidirectional teeth 33 bidirectional teeth

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