Shayson Survival Sleeping Bag, Emergency Bivvy Bag PE Aluminum Film for Outdoor Camping and Hiking


Product Description

Emergency Warming and Survival Tool

This emergency sleeping bag retains 90% of radiated body heat so as to help preserve crucial warmth in cold and challenging circumstances. It is large enough to cover you from head to toe. Brightly colored in vivid orange, this sleeping bag can be immediately seen from a distance, making it an indispensable shelter while waiting for the rescue teams.

Useful and Versatile

This item helps you to stay properly insulated from the cold air so that you can sleep warmly and comfortably when you go camping in the winter. It is both waterproof and snow-proof so that you can wear it as a raincoat to protect you against the rain and snow. When needed you can also spread it over a large lawn as a picnic mat.

Durable, Lightweight and Portable

This emergency sleeping bag is made from a wear-resistant PE material and comes with lightweight sheets. It is incredibly portable and can be folded down into a small package to fit in your emergency kit.


  • When camping, you can put outside the sleeping bag to strengthen the wind and warmth.
  • Wounded patients wrapped in emergency sleeping bags can prevent heat loss.
  • When the wilderness is in distress, wrap the emergency blanket on the body and use its reflection to help the rescuer quickly find the target.
  • Can collect the water source, tents and other uses.
  • Under the sun can be sunscreen.

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